Coal Drops Yard

Layers Upon Layers

We were commissioned by Argent to create an outdoor installation based on the history of the newly redeveloped Coal Drops Yard.

Once at the heart of the UK's coal industry and later London's nightclub scene, Coal Drops Yard is an iconic space that was recently redesigned by Thomas Heatherwick, opening to the public as a retail destination in 2018.

We were inspired by the building's rich heritage to create a series of palimpsests

– posters that are literally layered with visual references and stories from each era – giving a tangible account of how the Yard has changed over the centuries.


The posters create a distinct narrative which reflects a historical timeline, inviting visitors to journey through the Yard, from the days of battles and Queen Boudicca, to mud-wrestling at Bagley's nightclub in the 90s. To complete this effect of time passing, we fly-postered every board and hand-ripped each layer as we went along, so a piece of the 'past' was always preserved.

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