Honouring A Legacy

Indoi is a women’s fashion house founded by Mallika Chaudhuri, inspired by her Pakistani heritage and the female relationships that have helped to shape her life.

Mallika wanted Indoi to celebrate the rich artisan tradition of the Indus Valley and honour the exquisite craftsmanship of the local tailors. Moreover, she wanted the brand to pay tribute to the women in her family. 

In our research, we discovered illustrations of an ancient shrine built to honour Dezalik, the Mother Goddess of Pakistan’s indigenous Kalash tribe. A fierce matriarch and protector of women, her house is the epicentre of female life, ritual and community. These illustrations became the inspiration behind the primary mark. We stripped back the original design to create a simple rendering of the house, which retains its Pakistani heritage while also signifying a contemporary, urban fashion house. Further to the house, we have created a series of ‘makers mark’ illustrations, in order to elevate the expert skill of the Master Craftsmen, and identify and honour the individual who worked on each particular garment.

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