The Hundred

I Am Rooted But I Flow

The Hundred Wellness Centre is a unique wellbeing concept – the first of its kind – in the heart of Dubai. It’s dedicated to empowering people to look, feel and be their best through fitness, nutrition and education. 

The brand name was inspired by the deeply meditative Pilates exercise that focuses on your core. Held for a duration of 100 breaths, it prepares the body and mind for transformation. This concept drives the wellness centre, and was the inspiration behind the brand identity. 

We created a mark which feels rooted and strong but also grows from its own core in a hundred different directions, reflecting the vibrancy and life at the centre. For the extended identity we commissioned a series of illustrations from Darling Clementine, which mirror this idea of natural, transformative growth. Each element of the illustration is taken from the flora and fauna surrounding the centre. From the plants that grow along the walls to the birds that feed in the gardens.

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